Buriram Province

Northeastern or Isan soil There are many interesting tourist attractions together. by for Buriram Province It is considered to be one of the new tourist destinations that are gaining popularity among tourists. That began to become popular to visit the beauty and interesting of various tourist attractions. both old and new tourist attractions many places

The beautiful attractions of Buriram, the city of the southeastern part of Thailand. and is known to many tourists as Khao Phanom Rung Historical Park which is one of the ancient Khmer castles that are very old and beautiful It is estimated that it was built since the 15th Buddhist century, with the highlight being the Narai Bantomsin lintel. That is beautiful and has a lot of stories. the side of low stone castle in Prakhon Chai District It is considered as one of the stone castles that are very old and beautiful.

It has a five-brick castle and five sandstone serpents stretching around the edge of the pond, which is unique to the castle. On the other side of The Volcano Park, it is filled with traces of craters, which is very interesting.

In addition, Buriram has another beautiful and interesting tourist attraction. Volcano Cloth Demonstration Center Baan Charoensuk Community Filled with important OTOP products of Buriram the side of Lam Nang Rong Dam It is considered a beautiful place with beautiful views that are worth visiting as well. It has an area of ​​more than 300 rai is a boutique resort and adventure camp that is very interesting as ever.

in Buriram city There are many attractions that are beautiful and interesting, many of them together. Southern Isan Cultural Center It is a place for exhibiting history and archeology in the southeast region. and have various exhibitions interesting to see the side of Buriram City Pillar Shrine It is very unique and the royal monument of King Buddha Yodfa Chulalok the Great, Rama 1 is considered to be great, beautiful and is an important landmark of the city.

A must-see is the grandeur of Buriram United’s i-Mobile Stadium and the stadium. Chang International Circuit, the world’s standard car race, is considered Buriram’s new marking station not to be missed.

To get to Buriram, you can take a bus from Bangkok or take the flight from Don Mueang to Buriram Airport. 5 flights per day by 2 airlines including Thai AirAsia The self-driving car is 393 kilometers from Bangkok.

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