Nan Province – Northern Thailand

Nan Province located at northern Thailand,  A land full of culture and folk art, surrounded by natural mountains, it charms visitors and tourists alike.

Northern Thailand is beautiful and full of tourist attractions. One of the most visited provinces is Nan. It is another beautiful land that is filled with many attractions, both natural and old tourist attractions. It’s become one of the hottest diners today.

Nan’s attractions are beautiful and worth visiting. Especially the old tourist attractions of Nan province. Wat Phumin is located in the heart of the city, an ancient temple that is beautiful and full of old. And there are highlights on the paintings on the walls of the famous temple. A whisper of love for the world, a mural that symbolizes Nan. It was the work of Nanbua Pun. Thai artist Lue in the past

Wat Phra That Chang Kham Worawihan is full of fascination with old buildings that are very beautiful. On the side of Nan National Museum, formerly known as the Kingdom of Nan, the Word Tower of the Ruler of Nan is beautiful and full of interesting stories, with many exhibits and stories related to Nan.

In addition, the attractions in Nan province are sacred and worth visiting, including dry-soaked relics, which have been around since the Sukhothai period. It is a relic of a person born in the year of the vine. It became another place where people were always worshipping. On the side of Wat Phra That Khao Noi, it has been very distinctive since it has been seen since far away. It is also enshrined in Buddha Maha Udom Mongkol Nanthaburi Sri Nan. You can take in the view very clearly.

As for the natural attractions in Nan Province, there are many beautiful and interesting places to visit, and Doi Phu Kha National Park is a well-known natural attraction and is well known to those who like the beauty of nature. Sri Nan National Park, meanwhile, is a very famous natural attraction. It is full of beautiful and beautiful tourist spots to visit, along with many facilities.

Mae Charim National Park, meanwhile, is another attraction full of adventure activities such as adventurous rafting, while Nanthaburi National Park is full of the vibe of the communist terrorist fighter era of the past. Other attractions include Khun Nan National Park, Khun Sathan National Park, Tham Sarak National Park and Pha Toob Cave Forest Park.

Traveling to Nan is available on 9 flights per day including Thai AirAsia, Nok Air and Kant Air. By car, you can take a bus from Bangkok or by car, with a distance of 664 kilometers from Bangkok to Nan Praman.

Nan Attractions

Doi Phu Kha National Park
Sri Nan National Park
Mae Charim National Park
Tham Sagno National Park
Nanthaburi National Park
Khun Sathan National Park
Khun Nan National Park

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