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Southern Thailand has a beautiful sea. And it’s full of tourist attractions that are of many importance. Phang Nga Province, formerly known as “Phu Nga City“, is one of the most important tourist destinations in the south because of its many beautiful tourist attractions. It is popular with tourists to experience the beauty of many attractions.

Phang Nga’s number one tourist attraction, which is very popular with tourists, is Panyi Island, a small island with a total area of only 1 rai but 200 homes built into the sea. Also famous is the football stadium in the sea, which is one of the highlights of your visit to the island.

Surin National Park is also very popular with tourists, with five islands including North Surin Island and South Surin Island, which are the two largest islands. And there are many more islands in the area. The Similan Islands are also considered to be one of the most beautiful islands. It consists of more than 9 islands with coral reefs and beautiful beaches.

In addition, Phang Nga has many beautiful attractions, including Khao Lampi National Park – Tai Mueang Beach, where the beach is more than 10 kilometers long, which is very beautiful and worth visiting, with many must-see spots such as Lam Pi Waterfall or Tai Mueang Beach.

Ao Phang Nga National Park, meanwhile, is full of interesting beauty because of the beautiful mangroves. And there’s an interesting marking point. Mount Nails, which is a very beautiful landmark, or is it a cave in Khao Ping Kan with very beautiful stalactites? Khao Lak Beach is a popular and popular tourist destination, with the distinction of white sand being very fine and beautiful.

Other tourist attractions in Phang Nga that are also worth visiting are the Koh Kham section. Located in Than Bok Khorani National Park, it is an island with great views. And there are beautiful coral reefs around the island. On the other side of Bang Niang Beach, it is full of beauty and it is worth experiencing the beautiful beauty of the curved beach with a very beautiful feel.

On the side of Cape Coral, it is another beautiful beach to play with. It is characterized by the wide size of the beach. And there are beautiful coral reefs. While Nang Thong Beach is characterized by its small concave concave, it is very beautiful and sloppy.

By visiting Phang Nga, you can take a bus or train from Bangkok to get here, or you can drive it here. The distance from Bangkok to Phang Nga is 761 kilometers.

Phang Nga Attractions

Surin National Park
Similan Islands National Park
Ao Phang Nga National Park
Khao Lampi National Park – Hat Tai Mueang
Khao Lak-Lam Rue National Park
Ko Ra-Koh Phra Thong National Park
Sri Phang Nga National Park
Khao Lak
Koh Yao Yai
Tumbol Koh Panyi
Pung Chang Cave
Lava Yai Island
Phang Nga Coral Cape

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