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Northern Thailand is very naturally beautiful, with many tourist attractions being very popular with tourists. Phayao is also one of the most beautiful provinces with beautiful tourist attractions to experience the natural beauty that is abundant.

Phayao province is another land that has many beautiful tourist attractions. The number one spot in Phayao is Kwan Phayao, a large freshwater marsh larger than 12,831 acres. On the side of the Monument of King Khun Ngam Muang, it is another of the most important tourist attractions, a bronze-cast sculpture based on ancient marriage. Wat Phra That Jomthong is one of the most picturesque tourist spots with a height of more than 30 meters. On the other side of Wat Sri Khom Kham is another important temple that is the largest buddha statue of Lanna.

Kwan Phayao, Phayao’s famous attraction

On the other side of phayao, there are many other interesting places to visit, including Wat Tilok Aram, which is close to Kwan Phayao. This makes it another temple with a very beautiful scenery. Many other natural attractions in Phayao are beautiful and worth visiting, including Phu Sang National Park, which is characterized by intricate mountain ranges and has a very beautiful nature. Pa Mae Pham National Park, meanwhile, is another natural attraction that is full of nature. Mixed forests and Teng Rang forests.

Other natural attractions In Phayao province, it is especially beautiful at Phu Langka Forest Park, which is filled with limestone mountains with a beautiful shape. It’s a great place to visit. Doi Phu Nang National Park, meanwhile, is full of beauty and rich forest conditions. There are also many tourist spots to visit. The Luang Pangka Project Development Center covers more than 22,505 rai of land as well as vegetable growing areas. And the winter flowers are beautiful and useful, and there are also houses to serve tourists.

For sightseeing in Phayao, you can use the bus from Bangkok to Phayao, or if you are driving by private car, it is a distance from Bangkok to Phayao. About 727 km

Phayao’s Main Attractions

Kwan Phayao
Wat Sri Kham Kham
Champathong Waterfall
Doi Busarakham
Wat Tilok Monastery
Nitas Cultural Hall
Wat Nantaram
Doi Phu Nang National Park
Than Sawan Waterfall
Huai Ton Phueng Waterfall

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