Prachinburi Province

Another province in the east, Prachinburi, is very famous for being a natural tourist destination with many interesting and beautiful points. It has become an important attraction that makes many tourists come to visit. In addition, being a big city that is old, but in ancient times, there are many tourist attractions which are historical traces of many places that should not be missed to visit.

Natural attractions in Prachinburi. There are many. But the most famous is the part. Khao Yai National Park which has an area in Prachinburi with part and is said to have the most completeness of nature as well making it very popular among raiders The part of the Than Thip Waterfall It is considered a waterfall that is beautiful and very famous in Thailand ever. There is a beautiful stone courtyard and can be used as a resting spot as well. The part of Kaeng Hin Phoeng that was a large stone that is very suitable for rafting Make it popular with tourists who like to be very good at rafting.

In addition, Prachinburi has many important places to visit in the area. Chao Phraya Chaophraya Abhaibhubejhr Building, located inside Chao Phraya Abhaibhubesorn Hospital, is a Renaissance architectural building with a dome in the middle, home to the former high commissioner of Prachinburi Province. It has now been converted into a museum.

Prachinburi National Museum is another museum that houses many artifacts from the Dvaravati period. On the other hand, Si Mahosot, Sri Mahosot District is a city that has been around for more than 1,200 years and many ancient structures and artifacts are located and excavated from here, while the Emerald Pool Archaeological Group is also a great spot to visit.

Prachinburi Province There are also many tourist attractions that are beautiful and worth seeing as well. Phan Hin archaeological site which is an ancient group made of laterite which is very old and beautiful The part at Suksuwan Museum It is a museum with the largest number of lanterns on display in Thailand. with many ancient lanterns ever part of the Nong Cha-om market It is a market that shows the way of life of the villagers as well, while the monumental handwriting is located at Si Maha Phot District It is a monument that shows the handwriting. of King Chulalongkorn

As for traveling to Prachinburi, you can use the bus service from Bangkok. which has services for many companies together Or if driving by yourself, it can be reached with a distance of 172 kilometers from Bangkok to Prachinburi.

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