Tourist Attractions in Mae Hong Son Guide

Mae Hong Son province is a beautiful northern province in Thailand. It is full of tourist charms that are very enchanting, along with many natural attractions that are well known to tourists. The province is one of the top provinces where tourists are interested in seeing the beauty of many tourist attractions.

Mae Hong Son” is a province that borders Myanmar. Tak and Chiang Mai Provinces It is the most sparsely populated province in Thailand. because the landscape is surrounded by many mountains until it is known as the City of Three Mists That is beautiful and has to travel by car route that is known as the brutal rock of another province of Thailand ever. It consists of 7 districts, including Mueang Mae Hong Son District, Khun Yuam District, Pai District, Mae Sariang District, Mae La Noi District, Sop Moei District and Pang Mapha District. Pai District is one of the most famous tourist attractions. Because there are beautiful nature and scenery as well as having many facilities for tourists. It is known as a district that is very popular for both Thai and foreign tourists.

In addition, Mae Hong Son Province There are also many interesting attractions, including The Relic of Doi Kong Mu, which is considered sacred to the couple of towns with old age. And the location of the relics has a very beautiful view. Sutonpe Bridge is a bamboo bridge with a width of 2 meters and a length of 600 meters, stretching from Dhammapusma Park to Kung Mai Teak Village, passing through rivers and fields, making it extremely beautiful. Doi Mae Uko is very yellow from November to December every year, while Phu Phi Pheong is 1,800 meters high, making it a very beautiful scenic spot.

As for other interesting tourist attractions in Mae Hong Son that are interesting are Mon Yun Lai, a viewpoint on a high mountain in Pai District that has a Yunnan Chinese style that is beautiful and popular. another place, while Pang Ung is so beautiful that it is known as Switzerland, Thailand As for the Doi Miang side, it has a height of about 1600 meters, making it another beautiful spot because it has a very beautiful view. It is considered very beautiful and magnificent.

To get to Mae Hong Son, you can take a road drive from Bangkok, about 883 kilometers, and between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son, you have to go through more than 300 curves. There are also bus services that visitors can use. By plane, you can use the flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai Airport. There will be a Chiang Mai-Mae Hong Son flight service for tourists.

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